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quick question

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Today my can-adapter has arrived.

Result :

illumination works, does not turn off after 30 mins, ...

but it won't turn on with the ignition !!!
did I wire something not correctly ??

plz help.
thanx in advance
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I suppose it was turned on and got turned off with ignition? If yes, which unit, how is it coded and where are you located (region)?
no, i does not switch on with ignition and does not shut off with ignition.
I have to press the volume knob to switch it on/off

I tought the Can-adapter was supposed to fix all can-issues ?

Its a 4bo unit in an A6 2001 ( comfort can )
region : belgium / Europe.
Did you connect the ignition signal to your CAN adapter?
all I had to connect was :

White : Return signal ( 12v = back , 0V is forward )
White/blue : Speed/gala signal ( from cluster , works )
Grey : K-line ( not available in my cable mess )

no ignition signal was available ( only a Green/yellow wire for A3/A4 )

the can adapter works, since illumination and all works fine.
I don't know what kind of CAN adapter you got there but if you don't take CAN from your car and don't connect the ignition signal to the CAN adapter either, how shuld the RNS-E know that ignition is on/off?
and where am i to find this ignition signal ? the 75x under the steering wheel ? ( like with my A4 ? )
another stupid question :

how do I get it to stay on and on/off with ignition ?

there is nothing mentioned of a switched +12v in the ( single page ) manual.

anybody with some experience ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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