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This was originally written for C6 A6/S6/RS6/allroad Owners, however, most if it is applicable to B5/B6 A4/S4 and D2 A8 owners.

Please refer to Dan Gold’s website for programming your A6. It is pretty straight forward process. This section is only provided to outline some specific A6 content that has been learned since several of us have installed our Nav+.
You will need to have a modified map disc to operate your Nav+. See Map disk section for details.

As long as your connections are all complete, and your Nav+ is fully operation, you shouldn’t run into any issues with reprogramming your instrument cluster (assuming you have a TMC/CAN installed) radio and navigation modules via a VAG-COM device.

If you don’t have a VAG-COM device, you can probably find someone in your area so you can recode your Nav+ once it is installed. Use this site to find someone local or ask someone on the VAG forum in Audiworld. The process should only take 10 minutes. Make sure you buy that dude a case of beer for his/her troubles :D .

Is your car equipped with OnStar?
We’ve recently learned that a fellow Nav+ owner (Joshua @ [email protected]) was installing his unit in a 2004 allroad. His original code of 00117 included passive speakers and did not allow the audio from the OnStar system to play through the Nav+ head unit. After several attempts to troubleshoot his OnStar setup, we learned that Module 56 (Radio) needed to be coded for no passive speakers or 00017. Joshua’s configuration included OnStar, Bose and the trunk-mounted OEM CD changer. Thanks Joshua!!

Quick Coding Steps:

Step 1:
- Go to Module 56 (Radio)
- Go to “Recode – 07†to change the 5 digit code (00117, 00017 and 00207 are the most common for A6’s)
- Step 1 complete

Step 2:
- Go to Module 37 (Navigation)
- Use “Adaptation – 10†function
- Channel 1 (Tire size): See below for specific values for A6/S6/RS6/allroad owners
- Channel 2 (Rotational Pulse): The value is usually 8 (GALA)
- Channel 3 (Diagnostics): The value should be 0
- Channel 4 (Cluster Color): The value should be 1 (see below for further explanation)
- Channel 5 (Land Identification): The value should be 1 (North America)
- Channel 6 (TMC Coding): The value should be 0 if you live in North America (other values are applicable in Europe)
- Channel 7 (Option Coding): Enter a value of 0 (if you have a CAN-bus based multi-function steering wheel, then you will enter a value of 2)
- Step 2 complete

Step 3 (applicable if you have a TMC/CAN gateway installed):
- Go to Module 17 (Instruments)
- Go to "Adaption - 10"
- Select Channel 62
- Enter the value 5 (for 99% of the Nav+ users in North America) and save it (click “doneâ€)
- Step 3 complete

At this point, your car should be coded correctly. If you turn on your Nav+, your instrument cluster should read “Audi Navigation Plus†and your radio station should show at the top. If not see troubleshooting section of the website:

Additional information:

Specific tire sizes for the C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad:
Under Module 37, Navigation, here are the specific values to enter under Channel 1 (Tire Size). Special thanks to Jon Lofquist for providing this data.

OEM Tire Size A6 Model (Size in MM)
205/55-16 A6 2.8 (1930)
215/55-16 A6 3.0; 2.7T (1960)
235/50-16 A6 4.2 - base 16†x 8 rims (1955)
225/45-17 A6 with 17x7.5 S4 Avus rims (+1) (1930)
235/45-17 A6 3.0 and 2.7T (1960)
255/40-17 A6 4.2; S6 & S6 Avant (1940)
225/55-17 allroad 2.7T (2070)
235/40-18 A6 2.7T (S-line performance package) (2040)
245/45-18 allroad 4.2 18†rim (2065)
255/40-18 RS6 - standard 18†rim (2015)
255/35-19 RS6 - optional/euro 19†rim (2015)

Additional Tire values:

Instrument Display/Cluster Color:
Under Module 37, Navigation, here are the specific values to enter under Channel 4 (Cluster Color). This value should be set to 1, not 0. If it is set to 0, then you will only have one line of output for radio/CD information (while navigating). This is just a minor idiosyncrasy of the Nav+ unit. This is a common issue when folks are coding their Nav+ to recognize the TMC/CAN gateway. Special thanks to Dan Gold and Jon Lofquist for discovering this glitch.

I hope this was helpful.

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Modifications for B5's as follows:

All steps are the same as previously stated except the following, I've also listed is the bitwise data collections for the computer encodings:

Module 37 (Navigation)

- Adaptation 10:
- Channel 2 (Rotational Pulse): The value is 45 (GALA)

+08 = Audi A6, A8, TT
+39 = Audi A2 (1.2 3L)
+43 = Audi A2 (not 1.2 3L)
+45 = Audi A3, A4

Module 17 (Instruments) <--Must have CAN or Tunerbox

- Coding 07: The value is +00 (Navigation III)

+00 = No enhancements or Navigation III (RNS-D w/ CAN Gateway || RNS-E)
+02 = Safety Seatbelt Warning active
+16 = Navigation I & II (BNS x.x Navigation)

Again, these are the differences for the B5 S4
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