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Questions for an A3

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Hi, Im new to the board.. im planing on getting a 2006 A3 2.0 TDI DSG gearbox.. I live in Argentina and they dont have the navigation pack available here.. since there are no maps for it.. but i would love to have that screen in mine.. I have some questions

1) Since it will have no maps for the area.. what would the system display? (would it at least give me the location coordinates, speed, altitude?)

2)would all the other features work?

3) The car comes with a Bose audio system as optional.. with a 6 cd changer.. is it possible to install the navigation system in this car? also they dont offer bluetooth here either.. can i add that?

thanks a millon from Argentina
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Nice car, it would be great if they would offer this in the US as well.

Anyway, without a navigation DVD the RNS-E won't show anything navigation related. Even if you get the correct navigation DVD for the unit you are getting (EU or US), it would not be able to display the current position. It may display the coordinates if you press the INFO button but since this function is tight to the navigation, it may not work.

What kind of radio frequencies are you using down there? If you have stations on even frequencies (FM, e.g. 101.2MGhz) you would need to get the Euro unit, the US unit doesn't support even frequencies. The Euro unit would have AM in 9kHz steps (do know where it starts but 720 is one frequency the Euro unit stops at) compared to the 10kHz steps the US unit supports.

I would suppose that MP3/CD/Video would work though. The upgrade is easier if you already have the Symphony II radio with in-dash 6 CD changer. If you get the Concert II radio with glovebox CD changer it is more tricky (while still possible).

For Bluetooth, any 3rd party kit should work but would not be fully integrated. The OEM Audi interface has not been confirmed working (the US unit this is). You could go with the Euro interface but then it's uncertain if it works in your area.

Good luck...
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wow AduiA4B6US.. thanks for the great reply.. as for radio frequencies.. i didnt know untill you told me.. here are some radio freqs here in buenos aires

FM: 92.7 FM
103.5 FM
90.7 FM
97.1 FM and many more.. they all seem to be odd frequencies...

on AM this are some freqs:
590 AM
1110 AM
1230 AM
580 AM.. and many more.. they all seem to end in "0" so they are even.. this means i'll need the euro version right?

yes, the car comes with the Symphony II radio with 6 in dash cd's as an option.. that comes with what they call a "Premium Pack" i could cancel it and save 800 Dollars.. but you tell me it will make installation harder?

any ideas on where i could buy the navigation system online and prices? (i have someone in the US who could take delivery for me if they dont deliver to Argentina) also what about the bluettoth?

BTW.. what A3 models are they seling in the US? here they have:

A3 1.6 (3 Doors) :Starting at 30,900 Dollars
A3 2.0 FSI (3 Doors) Starting at 36,600 Dollars
A3 2.0 FSI Tiptronic (3 Doors) Starting at 39,600 Dollars
A3 3.2 V6 Quattro starting at 53.400
A3 3.2 V6 Quattro DSG gearbox starting at 56.600
A3 2.0 TDI starting at 38.900
A3 2.0 TDI DSG starting at 42.100 (this is the one im planning on getting)
PLus all the same versions but on the Sportback 4 door body for arround 4k more each..

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Hi aoneto, I have an A3 and i have installed navi RNS-E from audi concert II radio. If you can have symphony II it's better. If you have concert II you have to buy some parts and the more difficult to find is the climate control. I've bought it from ebay at 199 euro that it's a great price. In audi it costs 500 euros brand new.
The navi RNS-E it's beautiful and I have bought it in audi at 2000 euros new but you can find it also on ebay.

A question for Audi A4B6uS: hi I'm new on this forum and it's fantastic. I don't understand how can I put audi original bluetooth system on my car that already have navi RNS-E ?

Do you think that audi A8's phone will work on my MMI ?

a system like this...

Looks like you have the same frequencies as is North America, FM all odd, AM all ending in 0. Therefore getting the US unit, or the Euro unit with the US software will getting you closer to what you need.

As Ale said, you can convert the single DIN center console to double DIN but it's some work. The new radio cage is not the problem but the climate control needs to be replaced ($500 or more) or its faceplate trimmed to fit in the lower space. Hard to say what the better choice is and what else is in the premium audio package. Maybe if it includes Bose I would still get it. If you plan to upgrade your audio later with non-OEM components then getting the Concert might be the bettwer choice.

There is not much on, most of the stuff is from or from trusted sellers here and on other boards. Don't know if they can get A3 units, this model is still pretty new in the US, not many risking warranty and spending more $$$ on upgrades so early. Sending to Argentina might be difficult too due to all the tax laws and so. You best option would be to let someone source it in the US and take it down there.

For BTwith North American units, this hasn't been done yet. Keep an eye on this topic and you will know what's possible.
PROJECT: BT TEL module for US Audi RNS-E

For those in Europe this topic has enough details to get it started, the custom harness is available in Germany and the interface can be sourced from your preferred dealer.
Some success with OEM BT kit
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thanks for the reply.. now let me ask you another question.. this A3 comes with a BOSE sound system ( i guess its just the speakers right?) will this make it more dificult to install the unit?
aoneto said:
thanks for the reply.. now let me ask you another question.. this A3 comes with a BOSE sound system ( i guess its just the speakers right?) will this make it more dificult to install the unit?
The Bose sound system is a special amplifier and special speaker, the wiring is different as well (Bose system: all speaker powered by the Bose amp, normal system: front speakers powered by head unit, rear speaker powered by external amp).

Bose or not doesn't make it easier or harder to retrofit the RNS-E (as long as you get the Symphony radio). When you order the adapter you have to specify which car/model you have and whether or not you have Bose or not. This specifies which adapter you need.
the dealer just gave me a very good deal on the V6 3.2L Quattro version of the A3.. will all of the above apply to this car also?
As long as you get the Symphony radio you should be fine.
thanks once again.. ! I gave my downpayment !!! my car is getting here on December !! it comes with the multifunction steering weel.. will that work with the navi?
aoneto said:
thanks once again.. ! I gave my downpayment !!! my car is getting here on December !! it comes with the multifunction steering weel.. will that work with the navi?
I'm pretty sure it will...
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