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Im planning to install a Tmc in my 2000 S4 as soon as the the unit gets here... I noticed i have to supply +12 volts to the Tmc by "stealing" power from the pin 7 on connector 3

Well..while installing my D-navi i noticed that on the 10 pin factory radio connector that it said pin 2(+12 batt (15)) is not usually installed on symphony...
Im not sure if its because my stock radio was Bose but it was there on my 10 pin connector(pin 2), Its a red and black wire..I was wondering if it would be a problem using it to supply power to my Tmc Unit instead of stealing power from the Connector 3 pin 7?

i also have a question regarding the ground portion of the says for the ground You can "steal" this from Nav plus connector 3, pin 8
By steal i assume they mean to jump a wire from the 8 pin on connector 3 to the ground pin of the Tmc.....I dont have the pin removal tool to do it the right way and disconnect the 8-pin and tie in another ground wire for the Tmc....will peeling back some of the wire skin and wrapping the jumper wire for the tmc ground to it be a problem??

I really wish i would of bought the pin removal tool instead of cutting,Twisting together,shrink wrapping,electrical taping,and then using the 3m cotton/nylon tape that the factory wiring is bundles together with...even though the connections i made seem strong,Clean(as much as it can be) and everything seem to be working good it just would be cleaner and easier to have the tool...oh well... .

Thanks for all your guy's help so've really helped me through this install
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