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Hi there,

just wondering what the difference is between the different MMI 3G+ (5F) hardware units that can be physically installed in a 2009 Q7. The ones I am talking about are:
4E0 035 670
4L0 035 670
4L2 035 670

Does anyone know the differences between these units?

I have seen on some forums people talking about using the 4E0035670B BUT the buttons on the control panel are supposedly around the wrong way. Is it possible to use this model (upgrade firmware) and program buttons to work correctly? I couldn't find anyone saying this was possible. The forum thread I read stated they were able to get 3G cell data working directly from the units SIM which is perfect for google maps.

I sent an email to a a retrofitting outfit and they told me I would have to get the latest 4L2035670B unit. "Thanks for your email, the correct part number is 4L2 035 670, the 4E0 and
4L0 numbers are indeed the early ones which do not support Google Earth or 3G connections.
When upgrading from 2G, all fibre optic components, buttons, screen, CAN gateway, instrument cluster and optional climate control unit will need to be replaced." Is this true as I read someone using the 4E0 unit and getting 3G data to work with google maps?

What are peoples thoughts or experiences on the model required to get a true MMI 3G+ experience in my Q7?

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