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Q7 2019 screen upgrade

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Hello, I just purchased a used 2019 Q7 Preimum Plus/SE Preimum. The car is great the screen isn't. Is anyone aware of a screen upgrade and a possible phone program upgrade. Thx
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Avoid the Road Top Carplay aftermarket gizmo. Complete Junk. Know from experience (all bad...)
Bro you need exactly what I got recently. I installed UNAVI aftermarket Carplay unit to my A7 which is 2013 model. With the carplay its smooth and definitely an decent upgrade. Their prodcuts are straight up OEM and even easy to install. They do support actual installation but I got mine DIY. It's all plug and play so hard to miss it. Check out the link they do discount as well.

Audi Apple CarPlay ㆍ Android Auto Module
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