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Q5 hybrid 2021 key drains battery??

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I drove my car 2.5 hours the hybrid battery ran its course and switched to engine mode I stopped and got gas, we went had lunch then drove to a park where we spent about 40 minutes walking around, went leave car won’t start electric malfunction contact service , Audi assist towed car to dealership, 2 days later I was told that the key was left on for 2.6 hours on the day I drove and drained the battery?? I was charged $250. To charge battery car is under warranty I don’t understand this at all?
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In the scenario described, the car owner experienced an unexpected issue with their hybrid vehicle. After driving for 2.5 hours, the hybrid battery reached its limit and switched to engine mode, relay model . The owner then made a pit stop to refuel the car, followed by a lunch break at a nearby location. However, upon returning to the car to continue their journey, they encountered a problem – the car wouldn't start, displaying an electric malfunction message, and prompting them to contact the service.
Sounds like regular Audi USA responses to their poorly designed electronics. It appears that Audi’s warranty is relatively worthless.
We have dropped into the 60-65% range for our 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron all electric range. We are only at 20K miles, so well below the California 10 years 150K mile battery pack warranty, but Audi has told us that there is no battery pack degradation warranty. The warranty only covers defects in materials or workmanship. What kind of a garbage warranty is that? California is revamping their PHEV and EV battery pack warranties to require that the vehicles maintain at least 70% of all electric range by the end of the warranty, BUT that statewide warranty change will not take place until 2027.
What was Audi USA’s response to our concerns about our battery pack AND the loss of our Audi Connect connection to our car, due to their choice of 3G internet connectivity….”Buy a new Audi”. This was when our car was only 4 years old. Guess what company is no longer on our potential purchase list!
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