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Problems with tv-tuner

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I have just connected my B revision TV tuner, and coded the navi to
recognize it.

I have the CD based Navi Plus G revision i think.

When I hit the Radio/CD/TV button I get a black screen for tv. No menues
available where they should be.

Going in to test-mode I get TV TUNER: OK so the navi and the tuner

I have not connected the TV antennas yet, nor the aux interface on the
(I dont want to open the packing on the aux interface in case I have to
return it if the tuner is bust)

Any advice out there?


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yes I have tried! No menues appear! I had the car in at VAG this morning and they diagnosed a broken wire to the TV tuner.

I will check the wire tonight, but i dont have a wiring diagram. Kufatec which supplied the cable claims "all cables are checked" and wont send me a diagram over the cable - so i can only check if there is a broken wire and not check if any wir pins are misplaced.

infinityicube said:
hit the right hand knob to bring up the menu.
you must connect the CAN H and L wires inorder to control any function of the tv tuner. if those are connected and you still dont see any menus. if the tv tuner is set for another tv standard you may have to set it up blindly.

hit the right knob
click clockwise 2 times on the knob
hit knob
hit knob
now you should be in the tv standard setup, so just turn the knob until you see some snow/signal on the screen. once you come to the correct tv standard you will see a menu. if u make a mistake during the process, hit return a few times then start over.

this happened to a friend's and i had to set it up blindly. goodluck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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