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problems with navi plus and maps

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hello!it is the first time i am writing in this site!i have a little problem!i bought a navi plus from ebay!it works fine except one thing!the guy who sent me the navi,sent me also some copies to try!my navi does not read these copies ans asks for a cd map dx compatitable!when i install the original dx map everything is ok!i tried those maps(copy)in one friend of mine navi plus and the worhk perfect!has anybody any idea? :roll:
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give us more details:

What part# is your Nav+ (C or D-Nav)?
what year, make model?
Are the discs already modified?
Where do you live?

i live in greece!my navi is a dx original navi plus!!!that is d version!what do you mean i have to modify the maps!in europe all the maps are for dx systems!!!
There is a thread on the Yahoo Audi Nav forum on this subject

Not only do the latest CD maps have so form of copy protection, but also the D-Navi is "very" sensitive to brand/type of CD-R used - some will read a copy and others won't.

Seems you'll have to experiment with which CD-R's your D-Navi will read.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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