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Can antbody please help. I have a 1999 Australian delivered A6 which I have jut bouhgt second hand (I live In Melbourne Australia). The previous owner retro fitted a Navigation Plus unit which he purchased from the States/Europe (not sure exactly) and had it fitted to the car. It appears to work and at any one time I am getting up to 8 sattelites and road grids, suburbs etc are showing.

When, however, I punch in a location and hit start guidance I get a voice message that says "Your postion is not located on a digitized road". It shows my exact location without steet names etc etc although if I zoom out it will also show the suburb names.

The Hardware version of unit is RNS 4.1 & Software is 0002. It has been sauggested to me that the software/hardware is too old to read the Navigation CD which is relatively new.

Does anybody have any solutions/suggestions for me...PLEASE!!!!! :cry: :cry:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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