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Problems, Problems & More Problem!

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Hi all,

Just retrofitted my Navi Plus DX systems into my A4 2002 B6 Avant from a single din Concert. Went fairly well considering I have not done it before. A few problems i'd like to clarify if someone could help: -

1, System stays on when ignition is turned off?
2, No voice during navigation, I get a voice at start of journey but after that - nothing. even tried going wrong way?
3, No radio display in centre of dash.
4, GPS aerial only picks up 1 sat. I positioned it by passenger pillar for ease.
5, I have a nokia car kit installed, I have connected the mute part of the car kit to the nav but evey time the phone is initialised i.e it rings or I ring some one it makes a high pitch noise like audio feedback. My concert never did this.

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated. I've also got info on modyfying the double din cage to fit the system instead of cutting sections out of your centre console if anyones interested.


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1, System stays on when ignition is turned off?

you have not picked the right wire of the ignition!

2, No radio display in centre of dash.

have you installed a tmc tuner?if yes you have to reprogramm your car!
Right i've got a bit further: -
1st I have a plug & play adapter, but I still have to make wire changes.

1, Power problem - need a switched power supply - anyone know where?

2, No voice during nav & when I press INFO replies i am not on a digitized road - Think I need a speed signal either gala or abs.

3, No radio display in DIS - No TMC/CAN.

4, GPS now picks up 8 sats.

5, Nokia phone car kit - Noticed it doesnot do this when engine is off, but as soon as I start engine noise returns. Also happens thereafter when engine is off too.

6, Also need illumination - could I take it from aircon unit? if so which wire.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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