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problel with the lights and shutting off

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hi i installed a navigation system on my A6,i have a small problem ,every 1/2 hour it shuts off i gotta turn it back on ,and when i turn the lights on of the car the lights of the navigation dont go on,some people tell me that this has something to do with vagcom,or do you think it's the connection? :( :(
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No, the RNS-E relies on can-bus to activate it and tell it your lights are on.

What year is your A6, after 2001/02 your car should have can bus for the instrument cluster. You can get the can bus signals (HI & LO) from there. Have aread around the forums for more info.

This will improve your installtion so much is you have can bus in your car and install the wires to your RNS-E. If you do not have can bus, you can buy can bus converters which will generate lights/ignition etc onto the can bus for you from the normal analogue signals in your car

If there is no can bus signal supplied to the RNS-E it will shut off every 30 mins. Thats why it needs it.

2000 A6 you may be lucky, at the back of the instrument cluster on the green connector pins 21 and 22 were for my 2002 S8.

21=can lo
22=can hi

Thanks for that, I wasn't too sure about it for othr cars.

1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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