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Just got my A6 back on the road after dealing with completely clogged cats, and wouldn't ya know it! Bye bye power steering! I was driving when I heard a weird noise, then lost power steering. Pulled over and checked it out and there was the unfortunate irridescent rainbow spot on the ground under car from the power steering fluid leaking from either pump or broken line? Got her home and there she sits. I know you have to lower the subframe, etc to get to the pump. Lift, I do not have. Has anyone gone through this? I heard it WAS NOT AN EASY FIX and mildly infuriating at best. I really wish someone would just do it for me, but that's not happening either! This is a first for me. I can honestly say, the things I have ever worked on on any of my vehicles, I have successfully completed, but only as a result of good advice or directions from those more knowledgeable than myself. Thanks in advance. It would be great to get her back on the road. As much as I love my Nissans, my A6 is still my fave....
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Exact thing happened last week. Pump siezed. No warning , no whine . Just quit . Spent 3 days. Tear down , pulleys and tension, then replace pump . Put all back together. Still leaks. … tear down to the rack to fix hoses. Pain in the A If you are not a pro, pay the $1000. Wish I would have. But, it’s all good now
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