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Post fitting issues - sound

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After completing the installation into a 2004 A6 (C5) I notice there is no sound from the rear speakers. I am aware this has been covered before ( but I would appreciate some assistance before I try to VAGCOM the unit. The Symphony 2 has driven outputs for 4 speakers whereas I understand the RNS-E has 2 driven outputs and 2 passive outputs for the rear speakers. Is this correct?
If so can anyone advise what part Audi would have fitted to the vehicle to power the rear speakers if the RNS-E was factory installed?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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The RNS-E and symphony can be configured for both Front driven (non BOSE) and none driven mode (BOSE). But all Audis have a rear amp for the rear speakers if non BOSE

When I had no rear speakers it was because of a bad wiring loom, I had 3 supplied like that.

Basically it sounds like your rear amp is either not being fed the signals or not being powered up.

Hi Craig

Thanks for your reply. Do you think that VAG COM needs to be recoded so that the RNS-E will send a signal to the rear amp to drive the rear speakers?

Do you have the correct loom for your car, it sounds like your non bose and have front speaker wiring.

If you had a BOSE loom, and it was working, you would have only rear speakers, that is why I think you have a cable issue.

Most units are not coded for BOSE as default, but as I said you would still get rear sound, BOSE or not with a good cable.

I have non bose. The rear speakers worked ok before the RNS-E was fitted. Is this a VAGCOM issue?

No, read my previous reply, Vag com would only affect the front speakers
Ok many thanks for clarifying. It's just that I am sure I read somewhere that the unit should be recoded so the RNS-E will drive the back speakers. I will investigate the wiring.

Ok, 2 things for BOSE and non BOSE (front speakers only)

1. For BOSE, you need to ground pin 7 of connector B. This disables the front speakers outputs. If not grounded, front speakers are enabled.

2. Code digit 4 to 9 for BOSE in vag com, sets up BOSE sound characteristics... xxx9xxx for the RNS-E

So non of it affects rear speakers at all.

I think you have a faulty lead or somethig else.
craigyb said:
But all Audis have a rear amp for the rear speakers if non BOSE


I also have no rear sound ( no bose ) ( mine is wiring issue, only 4 wires are connected )

where is this rear amp located ?
spl3ndr said:
I also have no rear sound ( no bose ) ( mine is wiring issue, only 4 wires are connected )

where is this rear amp located ?
Behind the trim on the RHS of the trunk area. On the Avant you can see it if you open the access flap .
I also have no rear sound ( no bose ) ( mine is wiring issue, only 4 wires are connected )

where is this rear amp located ?
The 4 wires on the brown connector are for the front speakers only.

The rear amps are connected to the 20 pin multi connector, check you have wiring on there. Look on the lid of the RNS-E for an explanation of the outputs....

A: Speaker Connecter
1 - N.C. (steht für Not Connected)
2 - rechts vorne +
3 - links vorne +
4 - N.C.
5 - N.C.
6 - rechts vorne -
7 - links vorne -
8 - N.C.

C: EXT Control Connector
1 - MIC IN (-)
2 - RFSL
3 - Line Out vorne links --------------------- Connector 1 – Out LF – Pin 4
4 - MIC Out (-)
5 - Line Out hinten links -------------------- Connector 1 – Out LR – Pin 1
6 - TEL NF IN (-) ---------------------------- Connector 1 – Tel- - Pin 12
7 - MIC IN (+)
8 - Line Out GND ---------------------------- Connector 1 – GND – Pin 3
9 - Line Out vorne rechts ------------------- Connector 1 – Out RF – Pin 5
10 - MIC Out (+)
11 - Line Out rechts hinten ----------------- Connector 1 – Out RR – Pin 2
12 TEL NF IN (+) --------------------------- Connector 1 – Tel + - Pin 7

D: Power Connector
9 - CAN-H ------------------------------------ Free wire to connect to infotainment canbus-H
10 - CAN-L ----------------------------------- Free wire to connect to infotainment canbus-L
11 - TEL-Mute ------------------------------- Connector 3 – Tel Mute – Pin 2
12 - Kl.31 (Masse) ---------------------------- Connector 3 – GND – Pin 8
13 - U14 ST DSP (radio On) ----------------- Connector 1 - remote - Pin 6
14 - DWA-GND
15 - Kl.30 ------------------------------------ Connector 3 - +12V – Pin 7
16 - U14R-1
See less See more
checked the wiring.

-from the car i have 8 wires coming from the brown connector ( and only 4 of them are connected to the RNS-E )
so this is correct
Do i have to wire the other 4 cables to the Line-outs of the RNS-e ?

On the 20-pin connector there are only 2 wires ( Can-H and can-L for comfort Can , no infotainment in my car :( )

so i have NO line-outs pre wired. ( no bose, no amp )
If you have 8 wires for the speakers then you have a full passive sound system and the previous head unit powered front and rear speakers. The RNS-E has only a 2 channel amp for the front speakers, the rear speakers are always active with a separate amp. I'm afraid you will need to get an amp for the rear speakers and wire them to the rear line out.
Just as I feared :(

ah well

might as well buy a 4-channel amp then and power up all 4 channels.
The problem of no sound to the rear speakers was found to be a faulty plug and play connection in that front and rear speakers were all wired to the front. Now sorted and am trying to get the shuffle setting on the SD card to play random tracks instead of 3 at a time from each album!
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