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Possible solution for issue with red DIS in A4/B6

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I read today one message where some said that if you remove the fuse for the instrument cluster for a longer period of time, the cluster will reset itself and it won't be necessary anymore to turn the RNS-E off/on to get the navi screen on the DIS.

Anybody care to try this out (A4/B6 only please)?
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remove the fuse for the instrument cluster for a longer period of time
any idea what a long period of time is??.. 10-15mins or couple hours??..

other than resetting the clock will anything else have to be done??..

i assume this should be done with the key off..

i am very busy this week but will try as soon as i get a chance..

lastly, where is the fuse??..
Sorry, don't have more details. I guess having the key removed is a good start, the fuse should be where the other fuses are.
i'll see what i can figure out..
It doesn't works.

Can anybody check this? In channel 17 (instruments), recode (07), the first two digits are:

+01 - Brakes
+02 - Seat belt
+04 - Glass washer
+16 – Navigation

May be that the cluster needs to be configured with +16 ¿? I've colour FIS and it works with any value, but may be that orange FIS needs to that value, don't know, if anybody can test it...

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I always had the tipical Red DIS problem, Off and on to get it going....

Today I installed the 360 Software version (2005_2) and the RED dis works all the time!
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