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Hi, newbie here with the first post.
Been doing quite a bit of research the past couple of weeks on this forum. Very enlightening and overwhelming at the same time.

I was hoping to get some expert opinions and thoughts on my somewhat particular situation. Here is the background:

I reside in Seoul, Korea and I've recently purchased a Japanese-spec C5 2003 S6 sedan with the Japanese Navi Plus unit (there have been a few posts on this unit in the past) and Bose options

I haven't had a chance to fully explore the capabilities of this unit in my local environment due to the fact that the buttons and menus are primarily in Japanese, but this is what I have gathered so far:

-the navigation is useless as I am in Korea
-instead of the SD slots, this unit comes with a MD player, just as useless
-the built-in TV tuner is compatible with local frequency, but picture quality is pretty bad, and in Korea we have the luxury of the world's first DMB network
-unlike Korea and the rest of the world, the Japanese FM frequency range is limited to something like 90Mhz
-the trunk 6 CD changer works fine, but I'm not too thrilled with the Japanese menus and display (somewhat minor issue)

As you can see, besides the CD changer feature and the big wide screen, this unit in its current form has not much to offer.

As such I first comtemplated a swap with the EU/US units that all of you are more familiar with. This option would provide me the SD capability, full FM radio, and English menus. However, the navigation would still be useless and neither would most of the add-ons such as sat. radio (unavailable here) and BT (probably uncompatible with local phones and language display issues)

The functions that I would like to have are multiple aux. ins (for DMB, DVD, or even a standalone navigation) and iPod connections.

Which brings me to my dilemma, which is whether I live with the current Japanese unit and possibly add aux ins and iPod connection, or go with the swap and enjoy the English menus and SD card functions. With the latter, I would still want the aux ins, but could do without the iPod option, as SD cards would do the trick for me.

On the cost side, I guess it's really upto me to decide whether the extra $$ for the swap will be worth it for essentially English menus and SD cards.

On the technical side, the questions to the gurus are:

a) will I be able to add the aux ins and iPod connection to this Japanese unit, and how difficult will it be?; and
b) what kind of issues will I face with te swap to EU/US unit considering that this installation (from Japanese unit) probably hasn't been done or documented like the jobs from traditional Concert or Symphony units?

If I can get reasonably comfortable with the installation issue, I'm leaning towards the swap even at the extra cost, but if it's questionable or demanding, I may just stick with the current unit and see if I can add the fundtions mentioned above.
Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I have never seen pictures of the back of the Japanese RNS but I guess it would either bei ISO/mini-ISO like the Symphony/RNS-D or Quadlock like the RNS-E. I have also never seen a picture from the top to see if there is a diagram with the pins for the RNS-J. If the plugs are somehow compatible and the pin out known, the swap with the RNS-E will be pretty straight forward. You should try to source the parts in advance though, to avoid any last minute issue when you get to install the new navi. Maybe you can pull your RNS-J out and take some pictures from all sides. That would help to see what the next steps might be.

Functionality wise, there is olmost nothing known about the RNS-J. Given that it was produced at the ssame time as the RNS-D, the CD changer you have may or may not work with the RNS-E. I would definitely check the part number first to see if others have used that part number with the RNS-E.

Regarding the AUX in, you are somehow limited to CD changer emulators (that would use the CD changer port that you are already using for your changer) or devices connected to the AV in (that would either not show on the screen while moving or require an adapter that breaks navigation - which doesn't matter for you because navigation is not working anyway). If you go the AV route, the Dietz IMU together with a DVD player that can be controlled via RNS-E would be ideal but might also be another 1k $US option you are looking at.
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