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POI's on nav

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I had an extra set of nav discs from my 2005 Touareg that I'm running in my Audi. I literally have the same original disc running in both vehicles. However, I noticed today that the Audo does not show all the POI's that the Touareg does. However, the Audi never displays any schools or court houses wheras the Touareg does. I checked parking both cars in the same locations to confirm. I know the data is on the disc so what gives?

Sounds like a question for Teddy. . .
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Interesting. I've heard that NavTeq releases all the same POI info to MB, Audi and VW for the D-Navi/Blaupunkt systems...but it's up to Audi/VW/MB to release which POI's they want with each nav system. Weird that VW and Audi would be different.

I don't have any other explanation......but I've run the 2004 Touareg discs in my Audi Nav+ and it didn't give me any additional POIs.

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