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Pinouts for Phatnoise help :(

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I got this info from another post still haveing trouble hooking the phatnoise up the rnse doenot see the phatbox this is what i have connected so far, The phatnoise has a red light so im guessing power and ground are at it now any idea?

B. EXT Control Connector

1 - Most Ring break - NONE
2 - CDC-NF GND - Ground
3 - V-Signal - Gala
4 - U14R-2 - none
5 - K-Line - K-line diagnostic
6 - CDC-Data out - data out
7 - BOSE Pin - bose
8 - CDC-NF L.IN - line in
9 - CDC-NF R. IN - line out
10 - U14 ST CDC - none
11 - CDC -Data IN cd chaner data in
12 - CDC- Data OUT - data out
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Trust me, if you made the correct wiring connections grounding at the phatbox in the rear will make it work!

I know, I went thru this. I didn't exactly a wiring connection problem but I did find out that if you have a B5 Audi with the CD changer cable running to the rear and you add the Phatbox with the RNE-E. You'll need to ground the Phatbox.
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