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Pin number?

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I just plugged in the RNS-E and it is asking for a pin number. Where can I get this? Also the unit game with the adaptor as well as GPS antenna, am I missing anything?
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The seller should have given you the PIN. If he didn't and won't even when you ask him again, the other option may not be useful either. Your dealer can get the PIN based on the serial number (unit has to be installed in car to do so).
hi, very often the code is on a small label on the unit, it's a 4 digit code.

For install you need:

-cable/harness adapter (it depends wether you have Bose or non Bose installed. When you're not sure, please take a picture of the adapter and post it here)
-gps antenna
-antenne adapter
I found the pin. Everything seems to be working but terrible radio reception? Any thoughts?
What kind of antenna adapter are you using? Are both HF and ZF connected?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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