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I've had my Phatbox for almost 2 years, and I absolutely LOVE it! I located it where Ted did, under the tool kit. I also cut out the insulation on the door and used the original cable. No problems so far.

After ripping all 300+ of my CD's at 160kbps, I started over, upgraded the Phatbox to 60GB, and ripped the CD's again using EAC, LAME, and the --alt-preset-standard VBR encoding. I'm well over 400 CD's now, with lots of room to grow. I've tried Audible books, but the audio quality is terrible. If I want to listen to an audio book, I just rip the CD to MP3. Right now I'm listening to "Learn Italian in your Car", for a trip I'm taking this summer.

I finally fixed the missing scan button problem with the Nav+. I bought an RNS-E!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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