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Well, my local parts guy brought out a Phatnoise the last time I was there to tempt me. I think I am going to remove the changer and go that route.
Does anyone know if Phatnoise ever fixed the no scan button issue? I know they support the Nav unit.

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to the best of my knowledge, there is no fix for the Scan button. I just put a phatBox in last month...and I love it!!!!! See my post on Audiworld for more details.

Well Ted your the only reason I'm considering the Phatnoise. You've mentioned before your satisfaction with it. I think the only difference is I will probably sell my CD changer instead of running dual. I do have my playstation if I ever want to listen to a CD that bad. I'm just running out of space in the back.

I did notice that there is a tool bag available in the UK for the wheel well where the spare tire goes. I think thats the route I will have to take since I have the TV tuner and the playstation there already. Not to mention I still have a 12V PC that I haven't figured out a use for yet. So many ideas so little time.

I'm selling my CD changer as well....I haven't used it once...since the install.....time to get a Sirius installed as well.

I've had my Phatbox for almost 2 years, and I absolutely LOVE it! I located it where Ted did, under the tool kit. I also cut out the insulation on the door and used the original cable. No problems so far.

After ripping all 300+ of my CD's at 160kbps, I started over, upgraded the Phatbox to 60GB, and ripped the CD's again using EAC, LAME, and the --alt-preset-standard VBR encoding. I'm well over 400 CD's now, with lots of room to grow. I've tried Audible books, but the audio quality is terrible. If I want to listen to an audio book, I just rip the CD to MP3. Right now I'm listening to "Learn Italian in your Car", for a trip I'm taking this summer.

I finally fixed the missing scan button problem with the Nav+. I bought an RNS-E!

Don't suppose you want to share the firmware off of your 60gig Disk?

:D:D \\:D/\\:D/I have discovered the solution for the missing scan key. All you have to do is press simultaneously the LEFT and the RIGHT ARROW.

This works on my RNS-D RNS 4.1 with the 2003 firmware update.

Now in return, can someone tell me which radio type I should select from the Phatnoise menu on CD6?

I do hope someone can help. They will be the first to post a reply to my umpteen postings on this website. Sometimes I think I must be going mad talking to myself.](*,)

Sorry David if the answer was a little late coming.=;
Ok so I am going mad! I believe it is radio type "S".](*,)
Thanks for replying

Hi guys,

thanks for the reply, I am not alone. The setup guide is very useful to confirm the radio type.

The answer to the question might have taken 3 years, but it will be here 'til eternity!

Most of the information left on here for the CD Navigation Plus appears to lead to dead links. Coupled with the fact that most people have moved on to newer systems in newer cars, means that few people are on the forum that are actively interested in this older system and actively filling it with knowledge.

It would be helpful if a mod could delete all the dead links. I have spent hours clicking on deads links. Where did all that data go?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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