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I would love to cram all my video in a Phatnoise. Is it a pipe dream that the GM version would work in an Audi?

Here's a link to the page for Phatnoise video available on some GM models.

Michael '02 Allroad

RNS-E (Proxus)
Phatnoise (install via Audi Mission Viejo)

In the works at Audi Mission Viejo (as I type...)
 ME3 (under the Phatnoise, which is under the toolbox. IR remote sensor hidden inside dome light above back seat)
 XM (just forward of toolbox, under carpet, by wheel well)
 Amplified TV antenna (under headliner in back of wagon)
 Dietz 1417 (behind instrument cluster)
 Dietz 1380 (video splitter - next to XM. Cables exit from under back seat)
 Audi submarine antenna (to support all the new stuff)
 TeddyB's custom harness to integrate everything (including GALA switch)

Pics to follow
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