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Parts to Replace INTERNALLY in HID Headlight Assembly

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Hello fellow Audi owners, I am hoping that one of you can help me with a headlight assembly question for my 2008 TT convertible with Xenon HID headlights.

The driver side headlight stays on bright/high beam and will not go to dim. It just stays on steady high beam. The ballast is good (I have swapped it), I have a new D3S direct fit bulb replaced (I have swapped it with another one too), and the light switch on the steering column is good. All plugs and connectors are also good.

Not wanting to spend $500 on a light until I have exhausted everything, what is there internally to this assembly that may have gone bad or need replaced if I open it up? Are there any components inside that could have failed? Am I missing another piece of the puzzle?

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Have you run a scan with VCDS? Any errors reported?
Have you run a scan with VCDS? Any errors reported?
There were multiple errors related to the lights (probably because I pulled them out for a while) but the main one that keeps coming back is driver side headlight bulb. It keeps popping up even though I changed the bulbs in both lights. I have a new ballast on order and once I get it installed I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that it's my issue. I have tried EVERYTHING with this problem and I have another post going with much greater detail and a lot of replies, but so far the problem is still, well, a problem.
I don’t think there are any parts you can buy for internal repairs. you would also have to cut the unit apart to gain access as they are sealed. Inside the light unit there is a shutter that moves to create high and low beam. Perhaps this is stuck or broken. I’ve not read about a similar issue before. Have you tried places like eBay for used parts?
It was finally repaired. I cut the bracing away at the back of the housing and it was hiding and broken wire leading to the solenoid that wasn't able to be seen before. It was a BEAST to diagnose and eventually find.
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