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Part Number for Double in Ashtray Please

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Hi Guys

Can anyone please give me the Part Number for the double din ashtray? I retrofitted the RNS-E but I now have a small gap between the ashtray and the new climate control panel. I have the textured Aluminuim finish. I will post a pic under spassmore on the gallery.

Thanks !


P.S - the normal ashtray is now for sale if anyone wants it - I have front a rear to match.
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What car?

On my A4 I sawed the bit of trim that was behind the old ashtray in half and put it back in to close the gap.
Part number for the bottom piece should be 8E0 857 951 G 4 PK , the lid is 8E0 857 967 E + color code. However, the was a topic on where someone said that the double DIN ashtray doesn't fit if you don't have the double DIN center console. If you only moved your A/C unit down after installing the double DIN radio cage, the double DIN ashtray may not fit. That's at least what they said over there.
Yes, the bit at the back of the centre console where either the ashtray on a double DIN, or the knobbly trim on a single DIN go are a bit different. Probably not so different that the new ashtray could not be trimmed, though.

I always thought that the climate control in a double DIN actually stretched all the way to the bottom of the console (as well as not being as wide) so that there was no annoying 1/4inch gap under the climate.
hi guys

thanks for the response from all of you. When I retrofitted my nav I bought and fitted the double din bracket, double din climate control and the double din centre console - the only part I didn't replace was the ashtray. From looking at a car with factory nav in the audi showroom it looks like the ashtray body had a little filler piece in it to take up the gap. Do I just buy a new ashtray and then transfer the silver top cover from my exitsing one then?


also meant to say that the pic is now in the album area.

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