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Part number for a/c control panel for an A6

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Can anyone tell me the part numbeer for the a/c control panel which matches the grey color of the rns-e navunit when I install it in my 2000 A6?
Can't find it on the website.
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airco module : ( black ):
4B0 820 043 C B98

here u go
That part# sounds about right. I'm in the process of trying to source one (with heat seats) for my RNS-E install. I'm just going to swap the faceplates and keep the original internals of my climate control unit.

These are tough to find used/salvaged. I think I have two sources right now. Drop me a line if you come up with anything.

klimate panel etc.


I bought klimate panel with 2din middle konsol from germany, for my A6.
Panel was like new and i only changed circuit board that was inside. I also had to fix holes for my seat heaters in the front, because the new one was without seat heaters. But my friend has CNC- carving machine ... :) so no problem. sells these panels etc. about 350e. It is cheper than from Audi.
thanks for the link. Yes, these parts are about $500 new from the dealer...however, I have found a few salvage yards in the US that will have them for $100-$200. For our purpose, we do not need a fully functional unit, just the faceplate that is 2002+ (facelift upgrade; matte black/grey) to match the RNS-E.

I am currently working on a list of part#'s for anyone with a 2000/2001 A6 that would be upgrading to the RNS-E and wants the climate control unit to match. I'll post more details and pix when I have them.

Please let us know if you find a source that will sell the faceplates for 100 Euro.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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