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Parrot CK3000 Evolution installed...

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Now that I've got the Parrot installed and working with the RNS-E, I was expecting some kind of indicator, either on the DIS or RNS-E unit, that phone is in use when taking or making a call. Similar to how it would say "phone" on the DIS with the Symphony II.

I haven't re-coded anything with VAG. Should I be adding +02 to my current value under STG 17:

STG 17 (Instrument cluster) -> Adaptation -> Function 10 -> Channel 62
+01 - Radio
+02 - Telefon
+04 - Navigation
+08 - Telematics

My current value is 21.

Or do you not even have that feature on the DIS anymore when you have the RNS-E?
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"PHONE" message is displayed automatically every time when mute PIN is activated. It doesn't go throught any CAN or K-Line so coding really doesn't matter. RNS-E will not support 3rd party interfaces, but you could play a little to display PHONE on your DIS.

It's very possible that coding DIS for RNS-E arrows could actually void PHONE message display, but I'm not 100% sure of it.
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