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To enable timers in the MMI it is very simple as long as the aux heater control unit is there. To do this you have to check first with a Vag-Com interface if you can see and interogate the controller 18-Aux.Heat. If YES then select controller 08-Auto HVAC (Climatronic control unit) and add 2048 to the actual coding. Save the coding and restart the Climatronic by turning ignition off and on again. Now pressing the SETUP button on the Climatronic Control Unit (NOT THE ONE IN THE CENTER CONSOLE UNDER THE CAR BUTTON) you will see the timers menu active. Using the Climatronic Setup you can turn Aux Heat ON/OFF said:
Question... I just bought V202 VAG reader
and I have no idea how to change code with it... Help?

1. I have changed value 18 (AUX heater) from 0 to 1
2. I have changed value 17 (wsomething else) from 0 to 1
3. I can see value 00022 in info, but dont know how to change it (add 2048 to it). If i go adaptation... it asks channel 0-255
4. My MMI is

And Q7 -07
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