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DVD/CD/MP3 single-disc DIN sized options:
• Blaupunkt ME1/ME2/ME3/MER
• Kenwood KDV-S210P
• Sony DVX-11A
• Audiovox AVD300T
• Audiovox Movies 2 Go MMDV2
• Power Acoustik PADVD-350
• Pioneer SDV-P7
• Panasonic CX-D3000U
• Sony MV-101
• Farenheit DVD-5F
• Clarion VS735 Mobile DVD Player
• Panasonic CQ-DVR592U DVD Player

DVD/CD/MP3 Multi-disc Changer options:
• Kenwood KDV-C810 10-Disc DVD/MP3/CD Changer
• Sony DVX-100
• Clarion VCZ625
• Audiovox MVCH10A
• Pioneer XDV-P90
• Alpine DHA-S680

Thanks to “Igor†from Chicago for posting these pictures of his ME3 in his 2002 A4 (with Nav+)
Here is the Blaupunkt DVD/CD/MP3/TV Tuner for $170. The MP3 screen is very cool. Notice the screen shot of the MP3s and the folders etc. 150+ songs on one disk…not too shabby!! FYI - here's what the Nav+ is capable of…when you add a $170 Blaupunkt DVD/MP3/CD/TV Tuner as an input into the Nav+.
Here it is installed in a B6 A4.

See my install of the Blaupunkt ME3 in the vwnavi forum.

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