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OT: New Symphony III for US MY 2007

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Someone posted on AW infos about the RS4 with a very short outlook on a new Symphony III (with integrated MP3 CD changer). The new design looks similar to the rumored new basic RNS. I know, it's not RNS-E but I hope some of the new features will carry over to the RNS-E as software update. No, I don't know what the new features are but knowing that there is much room for improvement I hope some get implemented next year.
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that is such a sweet car..

but as usual i would much rather be in Europe and get the steering wheel, push button start, seats, and no side markers..
IMO regardless how nice new Symphony II+ will be, I doubt that someone will think twice before switching to RNS-E ;)

Those fetures are not really that impressive (but not bad for standard free equipment)

Audi's Symphony II+ radio offers many benefits for a standard radio:
-AM/FM/XM or Sirius radio
-In-dash 6 CD changer, now with MP3 CD reading capability
-Presets (18 FM / 18 AM / 21 Sat radio)
-Random mode
-Theft-deterrent design
-Digital AM/FM tuner
-"Autostore" function
-RDS radio station display mode
-Menu mode for clear navigation

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