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okay on retro fitting MFSW buttons without changing wheel

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first you have to have a non multifunction wheel otherwise you'll need to remove the old module and that is covered elsewhere (teddyb).

then here is part that I have been unable to complete

I'm still waiting on a C5 A6 steering wheel from craigyb (its in transit for 30+ days) I'm thinking due to included 'bag it might be held up.

anyways i had ordered another wheel off a german ebayer for about $60 shipped I think anyways less than $100. However it is for newer car so the buttons are bigger HOWEVER they are easy to remove and come on the wheel without Airbag which makes them cheap.

so here are pics of the parts and wiring harness (i just tapped into the same coonections i used for the phone so i didn't even remove the head unit). Since my notes are at home I don't have the wiring diagram but thanks again to Lee on that. This weekend i should have the time to get a complete write up and some more photos done.



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So... are you saying that it's working?? Do you have all the functions connected, volume, track up/down, etc.?
sry out of town just wanted to post pics for someone-->

anyways controller works fine, i can do VAG output tests and all work and seem okay though somethings like tel will only work if connected i believe, my only issue is new style controls won't stay as connected, it will be okay then I get vag error "missing steering wheel controls" but it illuminates so power and ground connections are fine (btw there are only three wires).

I will be double checking data wire to be sure its okay but would find it odd as the harness was made and tested on bench (who knows if i don't lag tonight i'll check but not expecting much)

I hope i get the A6 MF wheel from craigyb soon its been in transit about a month and a half with the correct buttons i should have a working system.

anyways sry again for the lag i kinda threw the pics up i had on my memroy card and left.
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