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I recently retrofitted an OEM Bluetooth module in my B7 A4 with a MFSW, color DIS and Symphony II headunit. Everything seems to work ok, but I'm wondering if I've coded the Bluetooth module correctly.

If the radio is on and I hit the voice dialing button, I momentraily get the message "No Funct" followed by "SPEAK" on the DIS. I also get the standard voice prompts from the BT module. If the radio is not on, I simply hear the voice prompts, but nothing on the DIS. Voice dialing works fine. I'm just curious why I'm seeing "No Funct". Is this the intended function? or do I not have the proper coding?

Telephone Controller - 77
Coding: 0001877

I tried coding to 0011877, but that makes the left 'Mode' button to also momentarily display 'No Funct' before normal operation. I also tried 0001677 (which I thought would have been correct since I do not have RNS-E), but that did not change the behavior. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Coding Info
STG 16 (MFSW): 2142
STG 17 (Instruments) --> Adaptation Ch 62: 19 (originally 17)
STG 56 (Radio): 1005
STG 77 (Telephone): 0001877
'G' Bluetooth Module
VAG-COM version: 607.3

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OK. Figured it out. The Symphony II head unit was miscoded.

STG 56 (Radio) was coded to: 1005 . I changed it to 1065 and the mysterious "No Func" disappeared from the DIS. I also changed the coding on the Steering Wheel (STG 16) from 2142 to 4142 to match the coding info on, though the key change was to change the "0" to a "6".

STG 56
0? xxx: Radio configuration 4
0 A8/A2
1 - A4 (B6)
2 - A6
3 - A4 (B6) Cabrio
4 - TT
5 - A3

0x? xx: Radio configuration 3
+1 - Fader out
+2 - Bose announcement
+4 - Active amplifiers switch off with telephone call

0xx? x: Radio configuration 2
+1 - Navigation
+2 - Telephone
+4 - SBS (language operation)

0xxx?: Radio configuration 1
+1 - Diversitybox
+2 - CD change-over switch
+4 - Multi-function steering wheel
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