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Nokia hands free (cark-91) with RNS-E

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Hi All,

Firstly can I just say what a great forum this is very informative with some very easy to follow guides (must be easy if I can do it). :wink: Spent the last month searching the forum for this with no avail, can anyone help me please?

I have a B6 A4 2001, it came with the symphony II HU non bose which had a nokia hands free (cark-91) installed which worked fine with my 6230i, music would mute and the word phone would display on the DIS and symphony display. I have retro fitted a euro RNS-E which is working fine and I am more than happy with it, however the question I would like to ask is can I still use the nokia cark-91 kit with the RNS-E?

When I unplugged the Symphony II, I noticed the phone wires were joined to one of the connectors (which I didn’t touch and now go into the RNS-E) and a single wire attached to the mute pin. Is it just a case of connecting this to the TEL-MUTE pin on the RNS-E? If so where can I get a adaptor cable with D connector as mine only has A, B and C?

Thanks for taking time to read this post sorry if it is obvious just want to check before I plug it in and fry my unit :oops:
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Sounds about right. Connector D pin 11 is TEL-Mute, that's all you need to mute the RNS-E and display PHONE in the DIS. If you want to use the speakers you would also need Connector C pin 6 and 12 (TEL NF-IN).

The easiest way to get that pin should be the to contact whoever sold you the RNS-E adapter. If he can't provide the pin, check for those who offer the RNS-E and other adapters. The local audio shop may also help since the pin in used in adapters for most newer VW and Skoda.
Thanks, I thought as much just wanted to make sure before I done it. I have a external speaker for the telephone and the navigation instruction directions use this so I guess it will work when I get the "D" connector. Will I get the same functions that I have read about i.e caller display and phone book on the rns-e or is that just if using bluetooth?

You can get the RNS-E/Phone integration only if you are using the Audi OEM BT interface. Any aftermarket (or even older OEM) interface will only mute the head unit and display PHONE on the DIS.
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