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Hi Guys,
I'm new here so be gentle please.

I am the proud owner of a 55 plate Audi S4 Avant, Love it...........
anyway, the car is not fitted with the RNS-e as I would have liked.
I currently have the SymphonyII
I have just called Edinburgh and Perth Audi to find out about getting the Sat Nav Plus fitted.....
Would you believe that Audi will NOT fit it. Even though I am prepared to pay what ever it costs.

I am so pissed off that the car cost me over £35k, which is shit loads for me, only to find out that it obeviously doen't matter what you pay once they have your cash, tough kak.

My car has Bose, GSM Bluetooth prep kit, the Centre arm rest with phone fixture and a multi function steering wheel.
What / who do I need to get this Sat Nav Plus fitted and what is it going to cost me.
I could probably do it with the correct instruction but i'd rather have someone / company fit it so i have some kind of come back.

Any suggestions???

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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Welcome! You should find us a friendly group.

That's the normal response of most Audi dealers.

However, there is hope - many of us here have fitted RNS-E's to our pride and joy (I did it the day after I got my £54K RS4 Avant home).

You've got a Private Message (PM) with more info.
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