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No radio station PTY info after switching to US software?

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I changed my EU unit to a US unit, following the instructions given on this site. I was suprised to see that the radio PTY info had disappeared (it had always annoyed me that it was wrong with the EU version, and I was looking forward to having that info correct now). My radio station list now only shows the station frequency down the left hand side of the screen and RDS info (station name) in the middle, but no other info. I've checked in the settings, and can't find any way to turn the PTY info on or off either. Is this correct?

*I should add that by PTY I am referring to the genre type display (e.g., Rock, Talk, Country, etc). I hope that is the correct name for it.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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My US unit doesn't do that either but I have noticed that difference when I swicthed from the EU unit to the US unit. The DIS also only shows the band and memory position, not the RDS sation name.
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