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no moving map a nav tracking

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Just installed a 4B0 035 192P with us software and dvd in my 2000 B5 S4.

After installing the wiring harness
i still had a small 1/4 inch brown plug and a 3/4 brown plug with 2 blue and 2 brown wires with no resonable place to plug in.

-I get 3-6 sats.
-Map where i can enter destination, zoom in, see points of interest etc.
-the unit turns on and off with the key and the illumination works
-the instument cluster shows nav data after VAG recode

BUT when i drive down the road the map doesnt move or rotate, the little triangle (my car) does not move or rotate..

I have read other posts but cant seem to fiqure it out. thanks :?
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also worth to try (when you're sure your connections are correct): reset your unit (hold the power button for about 30 seconds until you'll hear a 'click'). Worked in my situation after install of TV etc 1 week ago (had the same issue: no moving car on the map..)
did you connect your speed signal wire to your instrument cluster??.. this is a separate connect you need to make on B5 A4s and A6s..
I remember it happened to me before... The arrow didn't rotate and follow the car's movement. however, the arrow will warp if my car keep moving. If you case just like mine, you need to stop your car and reset your car's heading direction. Then it should work.
Chris has no gala / speed signal wire on his loom, I'm sending him a new wire to add into his loom to fix his problem


I am really impressed with the knowledge you all have. thanks Craigb.

I had a GALA wire in the old radio and hooked it to the V wire of the RNS E, all indications are that the CAN signals are working. I recoded 0509111 and did a reset. Still not getting nav track/moving map. Any ideas ?

I was driving, about 3 hrs. later and nav track/moving map started working.
UHH OK !!!!
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