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Help Please there must be a solution..

I have a nav+ (cd based) installed in my a4 1.8t s-line avant, which i installed myself replacing the symphony 2..My problem is regarding the aux tv input via my dietz convertor,

1st issue is the screen when fed with my rapsody h/d multimedia player has small black lines appearing now and again on just on the left hand side, this didn`t happen when fed by a dvd player which the rapsody replaced, and i`m using the proper sheilded power supply unit for this player..?????

2nd issue AND THE WORST, is how do i get a better sound (bass, treble rear speaker etc) when using the tv input, when previously fed with the dvd player it was still crap thats why i bought the rapsody unit to try and improve on the sound..
looking at the dietz it appears that the audio just passes straight thru to the h/u and doesn`t get processed in any the sound on the tv input historicly worse than phatnoise radio etc, and also there is no sound ajustment menu for tv mode or am i missing it somewhere..

Please advise of the best way to improve the sound via tv made, pre-amps amps etc thankyou for viewing..
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There was recently a discussion on one of the forums in Germany where someone complaint about the sound quality of his MP3 player which was connected to the TV port of the RNS-D. The repsonse was that the RNS-D is using a special equalization for the TV port which is optimized for the OEM TV tuner. Using the TV port for a MP3 player may require an additional equalizer (or source which allows you to change the output) to adjust the build-in sound schema.
Is this also true for the RNS-E? My TV in sounds like it needs a higher level input?

CD's sound way better/louder than my iPod.
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