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No ABS Signal

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Hi all,

Can anyone help please: -

I have an A4 Avant 2002 1.9 TDI , I have retrofitted Navi Plus RNS-D and I am trying to connect a speed signal BUT:-

1 I don't have a gala signal from dashboard
2 I don't have a ABS signal in pin 17 of black connector

I have ABS. Anywhere else I can get a speed signal from?


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What radio did you have before?
Concert II I think, I don't know if Gala worked on that. I have read somewhere that my speed signal is passed over the CAN BUS if so how can I tap in for the navi?


On a B6 A4 the speed signal is carried over the CAN bus to the Symphony/Chorus and RNS-E.

For the separate speed signal for the RNS-D you need to connect to the instrument cluster.

Try looking here
Thanks PetroDave,

I don't have the speed signal cable at the instrument cluster either, it's just blank. Could I install a cable in the connector? If so what type pins are used in the Audi connectors behind the instrument cluster?


I have just ripped my car apart for the millionth time (getting fed up now!!!).

I tried to wire in a GALA signal by installing a signal cable (supplied by Audi) behind the instrument cluster at pin 21 of green plug. STILL NO ******* LUCK! No ABS signal, no GALA signal how the hell do I get a speed siganl for my unit?


This is probably not the case, but I thought I'd mention it on the off chance ---- in my 04 A4 Cab there was no ABS signal on pin 17 too, and the cable in pin 17 wasn't even blue and white. These of course are on the connectors in the passenger side (left hand side) footwell.

Next door to it on either pin 16 or 18 (to the right of pin 17, in any case) there was a cable that was black and blue on the front and blue and white going out the back. I took a wild guess and tried that cable and it worked first time (after of couse setting my pulse count setting on the RNS-D to the ABS setting)!

May be worth a look! But don't blame me if it blows up - I did this a long time ago!! :p

In addition, I just found this on the net which may help possibly, though I have no idea where the connectors are they are talking about:-

In looking over the Factory Navigation System wiring diagram, I see that the vehicle speed signal is output at the ABS ECU (J104) at pin 33 and sent to a bus connection (A27) for distribution. White/Blue wiring carries the signal to the Instrument Panel Insert (J285) at T32a/21 from the bus (A27). White/Blue wiring also carries the signal to the Nav. System (J401) at T8e/1 from the bus (A27).

Good luck! :D
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Finally Complete!

Thanks G4tsoman, you are a genius!

Finally finished my retrofit, all working. My ABS signal was in fact as G4tsoman said, black/blue at pin 14.

Thanks all

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