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Newest version D-Navi+ cd's?

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What year was the most updated cd's made? Do they have cd's made in '04 or '05? If not, when did they stop making the cd's due to the introduction of DVD's?
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The latest release of the D-Navi mapset was January 2005. I don't expect that they will stop releasing these updates. There is still a big market for D-Navi mapdisks (MB, VW, Audi, Ford etc). As long as you have a D-navi system, you should be in good shape; expect an update every 12-16 months. As long as you have the Jan 2004 or newer release, you should be in good shape.

However, If you have a C-Navi system (an older generation of the CD-based navi), then you might be looking at updates every 24+ months. I believe that NavTeq released an update in Feb 2004; and the previous C-Navi update was 2001 or 2002. See what I'm saying.

Be sure to see my posts on Map disks in the CD-based forum on this site.

Good luck!
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