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newest nav dvd enroute for monday delivery :-) - updated

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supposedly released yesteday - ordered from navteq
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tonights the night - going to have new US nav dvd when i get home from work - fedex says its on the truck for delivery.

funny thing it went from san jose, CA to san francisco, CA to memphis, TN all the way back to oakland, CA then menlo park, CA then out for delviery.

menlo park is about 20 miles from san jose and directly on the way to san francisco. :shock:

Thank you for contacting NAVTEQ.

The product being shipped is Version 2006.1 released November 2005

Item Status.............: Shipped
Shipment Date...........: 11/11/2005
Delivery Date.............: 11/14/2005
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so it is version 2A and just read disk and shows different map version ends in update or anything.

should i do anything to start update i was under the impression you just inserted the disk and it ran? i was going to restart but wanted to ask first sometimes i get a pain with entering the pin.

anyways if it is just map update what to do?---

PROXUS, others

can i use SAT radio and how is AM handled in newest EU firmware also am i stuck hacking this dvd for maps?


is it better to just leave existing version of X--- or update to newest available US firmware?

i have H44 "4B0 P" unit, EU updated with US firmware version X---
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right forgot the index due to original US firmware update which tricks system into thinking its euro update

so after comparing things do you have euro 360 dvd can you look in INDEX.TXT file and get the following values these are from update cd post on AW and imply euro verison 330


...assuming increasing the index to at least 330+ to make update to US take place then yes theoretically i should be able to again make index higher to get new US if it turns out to exist on your 040 US unit.

after looking at US 2a dvd i see the following


looking at my US 1a dvd i see




to create update for already converted EU unit would simply require looking at 360 files and taking same pieces used previously to make an update cd what do you think?

anyways i await your findings.

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AudiA4B6US - sounds like you can help me or please anyone else

do you have euro 360 sw? if so can you get send me the the files needed to do an update cd or just the info needed for each?

- 00.VNS
- A2220109.MOT

need the following values from 360 dvd


V22000 059E


LDR V220045A
APL V220057B
FNT V220055A
OS V220059D

on audio sw that is recognized by rnse via dvd right i do not update the file itself correct?
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you da man! thanks

making update files/cd now and will test it this afternoon.

if all goes well i will be able to provide update files and as PROXUS has found out can still use old dvd
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