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newest nav dvd enroute for monday delivery :-) - updated

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supposedly released yesteday - ordered from navteq
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PROXUS said:
brianjpugh said:
so it is version 2A and just read disk and shows different map version ends in update or anything.

should i do anything to start update i was under the impression you just inserted the disk and it ran? i was going to restart but wanted to ask first sometimes i get a pain with entering the pin.

anyways if it is just map update what to do?---

PROXUS, others

can i use SAT radio and how is AM handled in newest EU firmware also am i stuck hacking this dvd for maps?


is it better to just leave existing version of X--- or update to newest available US firmware?

i have H44 "4B0 P" unit, EU updated with US firmware version X---
from what I read you are not going to trigger update in your navigation because it's converted EU so mostlikely index ID is higher than any US software.

I have original US unit with 0040 software so I will check if DVD with trigger any updates. If we will know that updates exist on disk then we will try to build update disk for EU units. Theoriticaly it should be possible but who knows 8-[
OH! The anticipation... :shock:
Eh, what the hell... Just called and ordered one from NavTech for myself. Will be arriving Thursday. Hope we can get everything sorted out by then. :D
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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