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my company finally decided last week I can get a company car. I'm looking for a compact (single and living in the city...) car, with a bit of power and not to basic in options. After looking at BMW 1-series (ugly and the 2.0 sucks), the Volvo C30 (T5 nice, but way to small and impractical inside), Golf GTI 5 dr and Audi A3 2.0T 3 dr with the 'Ambition' package.

I'm still undecided between the GTI and the A3. The Golf is a more common car although they've managed to make and the feel the GTI different from a 'normal' Golf. It's a bit sportier than the A3, but also a bit more 'ricer', and I feel it might be a car that gets 'old' once the initial buzz is over. The A3 is a more stylish car, but it doesn't have the same instant appeal as the GTI. The 1.6 and 2.0T are engine apart basically the same in looks and features, in that context the A3 might be a bit more 'boring' but one that better for a long term ownership (lease contract is max 4 year). Of course feel free to add your own opinions... :)

Over the weekend I've been browsing a lot of A3 and GTI websites. During this I stumbled on the information on the RNS-E and Bluetooth module. This seems like a great feature, and one that might tip the scales towards the A3.... as the GTI doesn't seem to have such an advanced piece of kit available. Especially if the rumored iPod connection becomes available.

Due to time constraints (I want to order the car before my ski trip next week) I haven't got time to look into all the details rgearding the RNS-E and Bluetooth. But I understand the basics of the kit and the install (I'll get A3 with the dual DIN Chorus). What I couldn't get answered is the following:

I understand that with the RNS-E and Bluetooth you have access to your phonebook from the head unit. In my case, my contacts are saved in the phone memory, not the SIM as I have multiple number (eg office, home, mobile) per contact.
*Does the RNS-E/Bluetooth combination read out the phone memory as well or just the SIM memory?
*Does this work as well on my phone (just a basic Nokia 6230i)
*If it work, does the RNS-E diplay the type of number (eg office, home, mobile) or do you just get several numbers and have to guess?

These are probably very simple questions, but in the limited time I have I couldn't find it. I hope you can help me out.


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