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New to this site...can an RNS-E go in...

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Sorry, I'm a little clueless about this right now. Initially, I thought the RNS-E couldn't go in a 1999.5 B5 A4. Then I see that you can get an A6 unit, modify the faceplate and make it fit as long as you have the updated double DIN cage.

Now, I have a 1999 A4, which is before the CAN BUS wiring. My car came with the Concert radio, but I am upgrading the center console to fit the Symphony in hopes of getting a Nav+. I know the wiring is going to be different since I don't have the CAN there an adapter that I can get and plug n play to make it work in my car?

I initially thought I was going to be stuck getting the old Nav+ if I wanted Nav in my car, but I would really like to get the RNS-E version if it can work. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Old pic of my car :)

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Yes, get the A6 4B0 "P" unit and the CAN emulator. see my link below for RNS-E for C5 A6 for more details. Most of that post will apply to you.

As for the B5 install, this is covered quite a bit on this site. Start with the Quicklinks. Happy reading!!
Thanks for the info!

I've been reading a lot about the units and feel like I've learned so much since the last post.

My question now is, is there an easy way to get the TV and multimedia DVD to work while the car is in motion? I think I remember reading that it's easier to get that to work on cars without the CAN but I might be mistaken.

Thanks again!

(more recent pic of my car) :D
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If you get the 4B0 unit you can simply cut (or switch) the speed wire to get video in motion. Your navigation wont work that well without the speed signal but you may not care anyway while you are watching a movie.
I'm planning on getting the 4BO unit because it's supposed to be the best fit for my dash.

As far as the navigation being less accurate, how less accurate would it be? I am actually going to be using it for navigation mostly...I'll be using it for movies and TV just on long trips.
Well, without the speed signal the navigation will only use GPS which only updates the position every couple of seconds. So instead of having a refresh every 1-2 seconds you probably end up get the position updated every 15-20 seconds under clear sky. Enough for a highway trip, bad of city driving.
Is there a switch I can use in order to go back and forth between Nav and TV so that I can make sure the nav is receiving the speed signal when I'm using it, but otherwise not?
yes video-in-motion is cheaper to achieve with the non-CAN speed cars..

you simply put a switch on the speed signal.. normally you will have the switch closed to allow the speed signal to pass to the RNS-E..

when your passengers want to watch a movie, simply open the switch grab some popcorn..

of course to hook up an external DVD player you will need a Dietz 1417..
Does the RNS-E unit store any of the map info? Say I want to go on a long trip and I program the directions. Can I take the disc out and watch a movie on the way without losing the directions, or do I have to switch back to NAV in order to get the prompts again?
unfortunately NO and NO..

unfortunately the DVD-rom in the RNS-E does not have the software/firmware to play DVD movies..

you will need an external DVD player, game consul that plays DVDs, video iPod or similar..
OH! So regardless, if I want to play a movie, I have to have an external DVD player, right? I didn't know that. I thought that was just with the older CD-based units.

I guess I still need to find a slim Playstation.
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