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I'm the owner of an '07 A6 C6 4f FSI SLINE(Canadian Spec).My speedo is in km/h instead of mph. Different symbols on instrument cluster for a few things, etc... I bought this last January on the 9th, left from Olympia, WA to drive to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA on the 10th..... Drove through ice storms, blizzard conditions, feet of snow, and temps down to -5 degrees, stayed a month and drove back through equally as bad conditions without a hitch, chains, or even winter tires! I LOVE MY AUDI.... They are sick cars..... Unfortunately, she is on the sidelines due to power steering going out and my MMI is on leave as well..... Hoping maybe someone might have some recommendations to help me get back on the road and dipping on some Mustangs! Can't smoke them all, but I always try!

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