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Hi everyone,

Does someone know the best way to fit the new J126 Fan Blower Controller to the existing V2 blower shell? As can be seen from the attached picture, they are quite different (new J126 has a 6 pin connector compared to the 4 pin connector on the older variant). The new J126 is quite square compared to the oval shape of the older controller unit. I really don't want to go down the path of replacing both the blower motor and blower shell...

I think I will try and place it in the same spot as the old one but only one screw will be able to hold it in place. Someone mentioned mounting it on the old "plate" but I don't know what they mean by this. The current mounting spot has the cooling baffle inserted into the blower shell where obviously it gets cooled down when the fan is on by the cool air flowing past it.



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