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New install - code problem

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OK - I promise I have read the quicklinks.... I am attempting an install of a unit I just purchased into my 2000 A6. I am using the plug & play cable that came with it and I confirmed that I have 12v at the SAFE pin on connector III. I can't get past the code screen!

I verified that the serial number matches the one in the manual, and I am using the 4 digit code below it in the book, but it fails every time.

Here's the strange thing...I don't have to wait an hour after I make two bad attempts. It locks, but if I just press the power button and wait few seconds after it turns off, I can just power it up again and it boots back tomthe code screen.

Anyone see this before?...I'm going nuts...
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here's what I would check:

1) the plug/play adaptor...and verify all the connections in Connector III. Maybe the adaptor doesn't include the K diagnostic (for VAG com) and is having a problem communicating with the ecu. Could be a problem. See the info in this link for reference.

2) Unplug the Nav+ from everything and turn off the ignition...let it sit for a few hours...then try and reconnect it. Try to use the 4 digit code with the ignition off....and then on. or...try and plug everything back in....then turn on the ignition and let the car sit for an see if it needs time to "speak" to the ECU. Then try the sec code and see if it works.

3) Are you using the code that came with your unit....or the one that was with your original Sym II. I ask this because you reference a code in a book....and most of the Nav+'s don't come with that way. It's a long shot...but I thought I'd ask.

4) Did you buy this from someone in germany or a local seller? Can you get your $$ back?

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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Thanks I'll double check your first suggestion, but I think remember seeing a pin there... I can access my Symphony from my VAG, so wouldn't that prove the K diag is functioning? I do not have the CAN wires from the plug & play harness connected as I didn't want to go to the trouble of removing the cluster untl I knew the unit worked. I thought they were optional. Am I wrong?

#2 has been tried exhaustively, so I don't know how else I can try to let it "set"

#3 Yes, I got a book with my NAV+. The serial number matches, so I'm sure it's the right one.

#4 Good question. Got it on e-bay from a private seller who claimed that it worked. But now he says that he never tried the code, just powered it up to see if it "worked". I may have to see what my recourse is.

Thanks again. I'll double check #1. Just didn't realize that the VAG would play a part in the code entry scrren.
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cool. 99% of the's the safe wire. these are just theories/suggestions. Good luck...and Merry Christmas!
Well...I was able to get the head unit into Diag mode using my VAG, so I can be sure that the K lead is working. For kicks I tried it both with and without 12v on the SAFE pin and no change.

Just one final clarification...I don't have the TMC gateway installed, and as such have not connected the CAN leads. Also, I currently have US standard Nav system installed. Could either of these issues be causing my problem? I didn't think so, but now I'm grasping a straws.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
the us nav or TMC won't make a difference to you in entering the code.

I imagine the code is incorrect.....and getting the right code will be a bitch..and probably not worth your time/effort. I recommend getting your $$ back. Good luck!!
I can jump in here with respect to obtaining the radio code.

You need to take the vehicle with the Nav installed to an Audi dealership. They have to link the car to a database over in Germany to access the coding; there is no way they can just look it up.
I had to do this with my coupe; I had mine done for free but I imagine they may charge you a fee.

Hope that helps!
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