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NEW Audi Multimedia Interface - testing stage

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Just to let you know that I'm in the process of testing new Multimedia Interface for Audi. It is a little bit different than Dietz 1417 because it has one more video input so now you are able to connect 2 sources of video in the same time.

One more important think.... it has built in automatic CAN filter for video in motion =D> so no extra module is necessary.

I will post more info once I will have time to install it in my car.
Those interfaces will be available as soon testing will be finished (possible within week or two)
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Dietz IMU


Is this new interface a Dietz IMU? Intelligent Multimedia Control Unit

If not i look forward to the test!

please let me know.
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No , this is not Dietz. Those are engineered in US and made from scratch.
I will keep you posted ;)
Good stuff Alex. I assume this new module is just for those who get the speed signal via the CANbus...and not those of us in the D2, B5 and C5 community?

Looking forward to your pix, install info always. Keep up the great work.
Looking forward about this! I've been thinking about adding a DVD player, and it would be nice to not have to add any other modules.

Keep us posted!
few pics:

Sounds good...let us know

I sold my 2001 S4 a few months ago, and I am getting ready to get a 06' A4 B7 w/ the S-line package and an MTM Modchip...with the NAV package, etc...hopefully Thursday. I would like to add a DVD player to the mix and possibly a TV Tuner. I have been reading up on the various threads to see what everone is using...this solution sounds like a good one, provided everything works out...I will be looking forward to see what you find out...thanks again for all the great info.
any update
Status Update

Hey Proxus...any update with this new product? I saw from your post with the full install for the guy from California that you must be busy...great post by the way.
you are right I have few projects on my plate including B7 MFSW switch. I will post more as soon as I will get some time to play with that.
Project is on hold for now until I move to new place. I have everything in boxes now so it's hard for me to play with it. I will keep you updated.
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