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Need to somehow check my CD Changer wire to make sure its...

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I'm having a problem with my RNS-E not seeing my Phatbox. Ok, I've verified that my phatbox is still functioning by placing it in my buddies car and it did work perfectly. I somehow need to check my CD Changer wire to be sure its fully functioning.

I just installed an RNS-E Navigation head unit and I noticed my Phatbox while playing it, I would receive some feedback as I went over bumps. Almost like one of the connections were loose and it would give some screeching sounds. Like I said I've checked the phatbox and everythings fine. I checked the plug that my phatbox connects in the car and they are fully seated, so I'm a little lost on what/how to check on next?
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I'm just replying for the sake of future problems.

If your Phatbox is not working with your RNS-E, its because it needs to be grounded! You'll need to physically mount it to the car somehow with screws and that will ground it. Or you can tap a wire onto the back and ground it some where close.

Trust me!
does the same apply for the cd changer?
Yes, but check your RNS-E wiring harness adaptor and you'll need to move a wire and everything will be fine.
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