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need repair help PLS!

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Hello to everybody. I live in Europe in Greece. I have an Audi A3 8P. I retrofited my car with a RNS-E unit. I bought my unit from ebay ( part of my problem )and used your excellent forum to install it at the official dealership since those guys didn't know how to do it. :shock: After the initial installation I had given them a backup DVD map from a friend of mine to test it with. The problem is that after they inserted the dvd the drive shows as empty and what is worse is that the eject button does not seem to work so I'm stuck with a loaded drive that does not show anything inside. The diagnostic shows an eject button error code but I'm not sure if it's the eject button's fault or it is because it does not read the DVDR-DL.The only option they give me in the dealership is a refurbished unit if I return mine and pay an extra of 1700 Euros!! Good god! I haven't found enyone here in Greece that specialises in RNS-E repairs so any suggestions about repair shops in Germany , France,Italy Swiss or UK would be appreciated or anywhere in Europe in general. So please help me get my RNS fully working :roll:
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Enter a 1 into adaptation channel 67 to eject the CD. Hopefully that will get it out for you.
Sounds like a problem with your DVD player. I also have a player that doesn't eject the DVD. It's a well known issue...

The good news: it's possible to replace the DVD player. I can give you the instructions.

But...: I've still no address where I can buy the DVD players seperatly...So when someone on this forum knows an address??
I am sorry to hear this. This seems like a prime reason why you shouldn't purchase these units from ebay sellers. Unless, the seller is also one of the know "brokers" on this forum.

Case in point: I purchased my RNS-E from Alex/Proxus last month and we had a couple of shipping issues (damaged faceplates etc) with UPS Ground. Alex was excellent to deal with and was very responsive to my needs. I don't imagine that I would've had this level of service with a random ebay seller.
I appreciate your quick replies:) Anyway my seller had many sales only of rns-e units with a 99% feedback but I guess it was my bad luck.Is it possible to email me the way to change the dvd drive? Anyway does anyone know where it is possible to find replacement parts (DVD Drive) for this unit or if there is a service center in your country p.e in Holland. Your help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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