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I have a Euro RNS-E that has been converted to a US version. I'm not sure what firmware version it is running, but whatever it is does not support the AUX input.

When I select "Car" and check version info, It displays the following...

SW: X--
HW: H47
MAP: 8P0919884_Q_NAR

Also engineering mode displays the following info about the unit...

System SW index: X---
HW index: H47
Map database index: NN0409
HU/Navi SW version V222027E
Boot version V220100D
Audio SW version A2220134-280705
Serial No.: AUZBZ7D0014847

I currently have a CD that has firmware 260 and understand that a few files need to be modified for my RNS-E to accept the new firmware. I am just not sure which files need to be modified and what the new values must be. If anyone can advise how to initiate an upgrade, it will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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