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Need help installing XM/Sirius radio. Thanks in advance.

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Hello. I'm about to attempt installing an OEM RNS-E XM receiver (8E0 035 593 E) in my B5 S4 (retrofitted A6 RNS-E installed; not pre-wired for XM/Sirius). I've done some research, and looked at quite a few posts on here and AudiWorld, but I still have a few questions before I begin.

First off, I was directed to this post:

It looks great, but I would perfer to keep my CD Changer functional if possible, not to mention I am a little worried that there may be some differences between the XM for SymphonyII and XM for RNS-E retrofits.

Secondly, I found this post on here:

Which looks VERY promising, however the poster of that thread never says it works... just says he is going to test it, and then seems to disappear (doesn't really instill confidence).

So, can anyone on here please help me with this? Thanks in advance for your time.

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I did that install on my B5 S4. I installed the OEM Sirius Tuner and kept my Phatbox. I think you would need to basically make the same cable that I made.

All that cable that I made does is pass along just the audio signals. But you'll have to run two wires for the CAN H & CAN L. What I did was use some CAT 5 cable and use just two wires inside.

If you want to call me anytime, I'll be happy to talk with you. Email me and we'll exchange numbers.
I'm working on some pictures to show how to do it. Todd paved the way. It's really easy. In fact, the hard part is finding the T8s connector for audio in/out. I happen to snag the last 4 in the country last week. Ha!

.....and yes, you can keep your trunk CD changer/phatbox/trunk icelink if you want.

drop me a line if you need help.

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